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Andis China Wheat Dryers Suppliers 80345 HS-1 Styler is a reasonably priced dryer coming with some advanced features that will satisfy many consumers' everyday drying needs. First towel off your hair to make it damp ahead of dry it. Browse through the website New Trend Beauty in order to get more information. They offer FREE SHIPPING on all items that sell with a minimum purchase of $50. It applies ceramic technology to help dry hair without flyaways or frizzies, while promoting conditioned healthy looking hair with shine. Do not blow dry wet hair as it can burn your hair. This Andis dryer is superbly durable and is expected to last up to three times longer than standard dryers. Benefits * High velocity airflow * 1875 Watts of drying power * 3 Air/Heat settings * Cool shot button that locks in style * Turbo boost for high speed * Dual voltage for worldwide travel * INCLUDES: 100% boar bristle attachment, wide tooth comb and fine tooth comb Tips Do not apply hair dryer in the shower. You can get a shock if you forget to switch off the shower prior to attempting to dry your hair. Lyndhurst, Ohio - Dry your hair and advance its health simultaneously using the Andis 80345 HS-1 Styler 1875 Ceramic Hatchet Dryer. New Trend Beauty online store is designed to provide an alternative way for Salon and Spa owners to purchase retail merchandise at bargain prices and Salon Customers to acquire goods from the comfort of their home or office.com are genuine and new. It also radiates far infrared heat, which dries hair from the inside out, preserving moisture and adding a healthy shine. They guarantee that all items purchased from. It features 3 Air/Heat settings. The important thing is the powerful motor that tends to blow natural wave out of the hair thus delivering a very shiny, sleek straight style. PayPal processes all of the credit card payments including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. The variable heat and speed settings let you customize the dryer to fit your hair type and accomplish salon-quality results.